6 Questions To Practice Gratitude This Thanksgiving


Practicing gratitude on a regular basis can literally add years to our lives.

This Thanksgiving, practice gratitude with these 6 questions. Use these questions to spark conversations with your friends and family over virtual or face-to-face Thanksgiving dinners. Use them to spark conversations in holiday gatherings with your team. You can also use these questions as journaling prompts to spark contemplative conversations with yourself. Or, if you’re feeling the urge to meet new people, you can explore these gratitude questions in conversations with strangers from all over the world. Enjoy!

QUESTION #1. What’s one thing you’re grateful to have learned this year?

QUESTION #2. How do you practice gratitude in your everyday life? 

QUESTION #3. What about today has been better than yesterday?

QUESTION #4. What choices have you made in the last year that you’d thank yourself for making?

QUESTION #5. What’s a hard lesson in life you’re grateful you had the opportunity to learn?

QUESTION #6. What’s one thing you experienced recently that made you feel a sense of wonder or awe?


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