Deloitte introduces VR platform for relocating staff

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As part of its Tax in 2020 initiative, Deloitte has introduced Immersive Mobility, a virtual reality-driven service that helps orient transitioning employees to new locations.

The new offering is designed to reduce the financial and environmental costs of relocation. Immersive Mobility offers 360-degree city tours, virtual home tours, onboarding, and mixed-reality training combining virtual reality, video and more. The goal is for staff members and their families to have an easier transition when they move for work.

While the product will be useful to plenty of U.S. companies that transition staff to different offices domestically, Immersive Mobility can also be used by organizations that operate and move staff globally. According to the Big Four firm, global organizations are facing increased pressures when it comes to dealing with a multitude of regulatory, tax and compliance issues, which differ not only by the local jurisdiction, but also by the individual employee. Deloitte hopes to address challenges involving payroll compliance, compensation process, individual tax compliance and employment tax through its immersive service.

“Historically, employers have been stuck with a complicated, expensive process that often left employees feeling frustrated and alone,” said Michelle Fertig, senior manager of Deloitte Tax LLP, also in a statement. “Now, employees and their families can put on a virtual reality headset or experience an immersive video through their phone or tablet, and step into their new home, office, school, and surrounding community — because one less unknown can make a huge difference. From making the decision to move to being settled in a new location, we offer the digital tools necessary to care for employees at every step of an exciting career journey.”

“I am excited about this new service for our clients and their team members relocating around the world,” said Chuck Kosal, chief transformation officer at Deloitte Tax LLP. “We are fully committed to providing a digital experience for our clients inclusive of existing technologies like VR but also in all areas of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. This application underscores our focus on the development of technologies that solve real problems for our clients. VR in the mobility space is yet another example of how we are doing just that.”

Investment in digital transformation is the centerpiece of Deloitte’s Tax in 2020 initiative, a three-year plan to help the firm’s clients navigate a complex tax landscape with innovative solutions. Deloitte plans to continue spotlighting tech innovations that are helping professionals adapt to accelerating globalization, increased regulatory and business complexities, and other changes in the corporate landscape.

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