Here’s Why Myopolis Is The Best Solution for Chatting With Customers

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As a small business owner, I know very well what it’s like to lose track of emails, calls, and other customer communications. I also know how problematic it can be to not respond to customers right away or text customers from personal phones. Myopolis solved these problems for my business. Now, everyone on my staff is texting customers from a unified inbox and centralized number while performing better than ever before. Here’s why Myopolis is the way to go.

1. Texting is effective (and customers love it)

Did you know 90% of all texts are read within three minutes? Neither did we until we switched to Myopolis. Texting is so much nicer than playing phone tag or getting no replies from emails. We get way more responses with texting, and our links get way more clicks too. We’re getting more info in front of our customers more quickly, and they’re clearly engaging with it!

2. Faster customer capture

Near-instant text reading is only one reason why we’re capturing customers faster. With Myopolis, we can also respond immediately from our unified inbox for texts, Facebook messages, and web chat. Forget multiple channels — with Myopolis, it’s all in one.

3. Myopolis keeps chat history records with each customer

Our old multi-channel ways and lack of CRM integration made for error-prone, inconvenient customer data and communication tracking. With Myopolis, when we speak with customers, the interaction is noted in detail so our whole team can reference the conversation next time around. Myopolis also has its own CRM, so every time we message a customer, we see their basic info. This all makes our interactions way more valuable for both parties.

4. Personalized group marketing

Instead of email marketing campaigns with low open and click rates, Myopolis facilitates personalized, relevant group marketing texts. You can easily create groups, schedule and send your messages  —  and it feels personal. We simply tweak Myopolis’s templates, hit send, and watch the responses pour in. Our engagement has never been higher!

5. Get great reviews

Myopolis’s group marketing tools are also great for getting organic, meaningful reviews. As a local business, asking for reviews on the spot is key. The mobile app makes it easy for anyone on the team to text a review request right after a good customer experience.  Even lets you track how many were sent by each team member, and their individual review score. We include short links to our review pages to make things easy for customers, who are happy to shower us with praise.

6. Centralized phone number

Before Myopolis, my team and I were texting our customers from our personal phones. Now, with Myopolis, all our customers text a central number, and the mobile app notifies you of texts or calls. This arrangement is way better for our work-life balance, plus it means we won’t lose a customer when their contact with us leaves and takes their phone number with them.

7. Great return for an affordable investment

Myopolis costs significantly less than other communication platforms, and its return on investment is just as high  —  especially considering it offers so much more than just texting. With this combo, virtually any business can afford the streamlined marketing, review management, and customer service that Myopolis provides. Click here to sign up for your free trial of Myopolis and get access to this powerful and profitable sales tool.

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