Choosing The Right SMS Business Texting Platform Can Be Difficult. Here’s A Quick Guide Of A Few Top Options

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Did you know that 9 out of 10 texts are read within three minutes? Surely, you did – that’s why you’re looking at this text marketing platform comparison guide! You might also be looking at this list because you’re feeling overwhelmed choosing the platform that’s best for your needs. And that’s understandable.

The most popular text marketing platforms come with such different features and price tags that a sound decision requires ample research. What does it mean if your texting tool can’t integrate with your CRM? What if you’re limited to solely SMS, with no option for MMS? How can you avoid the pitfalls of expensive annual contracts?

To help you answer these questions, we’ve prepared an in-depth guide to four oft-used marketing services: Myopolis, Podium, Birdeye, and FreshLime. All these services specialize in helping marketing professionals forge meaningful connections with customers. Below, we’ll explain where the four platforms overlap and differ, and then we’ll tell you why Myopolis is our pick for the best product and value.

Quick Guide: Myopolis vs. Podium vs. Birdeye vs. FreshLime

Myopolis Podium Birdeye Freshlime
Price Starts at $28/month $99-499/month $350-550/month plus $400 setup fee $150-650/month
Annual Contract  No contract
SMS Marketing Campaigns X X
SMS Text Messaging
Option to Keep Existing Number X X X
Review mgmt + request
Templates + groups + tags + team chat X
Telephone  voicemail X
Local phone number X
CRM Integration X
Picture Messaging X

Nine key comparison points among Myopolis, Podium, Birdeye, and FreshLime

1. Price

Most text messaging services cost at least $100 per month, which is more than most small businesses can afford. Myopolis is a notable exception, as its plans start at just $28/month. Even its custom enterprise services are relatively affordable, starting at $385/month. This amount isn’t much more than the cheapest Birdeye plan. For a business seeking text message marketing without breaking the bank, Myopolis is the obvious choice.

2. SMS text messaging and marketing

Myopolis, Podium, Birdeye and FreshLime all enable your business to interact with your customers via SMS text messages.  Additionally, Myopolis provides a flexible tool that allows you to schedule marketing texts to a large group of people. As such, you can use Myopolis to turn leads into customers, but also to stay in contact with various groups of customers. 

3. Templates, groups, tags, and team chat

Operating a customer text messaging platform is much easier when you can work from text templates and organize customers by groups and tags. FreshLime lacks this capability, which all the other brands mentioned above share. Additionally, FreshLime doesn’t have team chat tools – as do the other brands – for your team to coordinate communications from right where they send messages. In this regard, FreshLime is behind the curve.

4. Telephone and voicemail

Texting happens on phones, obviously, so you should pair your texting with phone and voicemail capabilities. Myopolis, Birdeye, and FreshLime include these tools, which Podium lacks. That’s a serious drawback for Podium, as trustworthy communication platforms should give you as many communication channels as possible. 

5. Local phone number

Owning a business means registering for a phone number – you’ll quickly get tired of using your cell phone for business matters. With Myopolis, Podium, and FreshLime, you’ll get a phone number with your local area code. Birdeye doesn’t include this feature, so your business could get stuck with a number that feels entirely foreign. This number might make you appear to be less a part of the community than is needed to win over the eager customers in your backyard.

6. CRM integration

Imagine texting your customers and not recording what they say? Sure, you can scroll back in your message history, but it’s faster for other team members to have a customer’s key information handy whenever. The CRM integration available with Myopolis, Birdeye, and Podium (but not FreshLime) proves extremely useful in this regard. Plus, Myopolis comes with its own built-in CRM, so you can start storing and accessing customer information right away.

7. Picture messaging

SMS messaging tools don’t always include MMS (media messaging) capabilities. Myopolis and Birdeye, on the other hand, both allow you to include photos and videos alongside texts to customers. This way, if you’re marketing a big company event or sale, you can include a flyer in your text. However, since Birdeye is an online reputation management tool instead of a text message marketing service, Myopolis clearly takes the cake on the MMS marketing front.

8. Automated responses

All the above options except Podium let you set up auto-responses for times when your team isn’t around. That’s a big deal, as even the most hands-on marketing team deserves time off. With Myopolis, FreshLime, and Birdeye, customers still hear from you during these times. The result is that they feel tended to while you get a break. With Podium, though, you leave customers in the dark.

9. Option to keep your existing number

If your business isn’t super new, you might already have a phone number that you’re worried a texting service would ignore or erase. Myopolis is unique in that it can work with your existing number. Only with Myopolis can you implement text messaging services without adding a whole new number that just confuses customers. There’s no better way to streamline your texting.

Why Myopolis is the clear winner

After comparing Myopolis, Podium, FreshLime, and Birdeye along each of the nine points mentioned above, we’ve concluded that Myopolis is the clear winner. It goes the extra mile with its built-in CRM, unique option to keep your existing number, and MMS marketing services. Plus, it’s significantly less expensive than the other platforms listed here. 

Take advantage of this special offer

Myopolis is already uniquely affordable, and for a limited time, the brand is offering customers a free trial. Claiming this offer is simple! Just visit Myopolis’ website to start your free trial, and get to work building meaningful, long-lasting, text-based bridges between you and your customers.

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